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-The Definition of Truth and True Performance

DakiOm breakthrough in Vibration Control and Feedback Stabilization dramatically improves music reproduction

-Our Musicality Test
Here's a test of your perception of musicality:
1. Copy a favorite CD track onto a blank disc
2. Play that track on a CD Player (CDP)
3. Use a PC soundcard and record the song from the CDP's analog outputs
4. Burn this recording onto a 2nd blank disc (both discs will look identical)
5. Can you identify the discs by playing them on your audio system?

If you cannot then either your system is poor or you need a better method for listening.
This difficult test also serves as the CERTIFICATION test for "Golden Ears". If you don't pass this test, your Golden Ears are FAKE. So don't claim having golden ears, just claim that you passed DBT on bigger improvements in musicality. And please TRASH DBT-free. [More info]

NEW Product! Introducing the DakiOm Speaker Pair. A special DakiOm modified speaker incorporating new and classic DakiOm technology. The DakiOm speaker is painstakingly tuned like a musical instrument with great care to ensure it delivers on true musicality. DakiOm speakers are guaranteed to be the Most Musical Speakers. All other speakers (no exception) will sound much more fatiguing, period.
Dakiom Speaker Pair with Patented Enclosure Resonance Control Technology and Integrated Feedback Stabilizers
DakiOm products and DakiOm DIYs are the only tweaks you need to improve your system. Come and listen to our set-up and you will understand what we mean by "musicality".

273 Series Stabilizers  

View and Purchase the New MR253
MR273 Shown:$109
- 253/273 Series!
- Special low prices on many products 
Silicon Valley Showroom  
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-Hearing is Believing!
-A Visit Will Prove We Have Superior Sound
Do-It-Yourself Projects  
DakiOm Do-It-Yourself Projects DakiOm DIY!
Tweaks you can build for serious, real sound improvement.

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Feedback Stabilizers

  For the Music Lover: Articles of Interest

253 Series Feedback Stabilizers for Amplifiers
Just attach to the speaker outputs of your Amplifier, Receiver, Car Stereo, Powered Subwoofer, etc.

253 Series Feedback Stabilizer for Audio Players
Just attach it to any audio player: DVD, CD, DAC, Preamp, VCR, Tape, Receiver Preout, and more.

  • Hear and Feel the Difference 
    DakiOm Feedback Stabilizers help your audio system reproduce musical details you have never heard before.
    - Songs will sound More "Musical", Dialogues are More "Listenable"
    - Listen to music at high volume levels with much less distortion (reduces harsh/unpleasant sounds)
    - Musical Melodies/Rhythms from Instruments and Vocals are more coherent, Not Blurred/Confused
    - Less "fatigue"
    to improve your long term enjoyment of music
    Will make you want to listen to music more often than before
  • Improve Your System Sound Quality  
    The DakiOm Feedback Stabilizer is a NEW and revolutionary patented device that greatly improves the sound quality of your existing stereo or home theater.
    It works by suppressing the unstable signal fluctuations that can cause instabilities in audio electronic circuits. They act like high tech electronic "shock absorbers". Our products don't change audio signals, they only suppress unstable interferences so that audio signals come through unspoiled.
    Our Advice Wizard shows you how to best equip your audio system with stabilizers.
  • The Best Upgrade for Your Stereo 
    DakiOm's Feedback Stabilizer works with even low cost home or car stereos to produce high fidelity sound that rivals the quality of much more expensive "audiophile" stereos. It will also make hi-end systems sound even better!
    Before investing lots of money on fancy new amplifiers, CD players, exotic cables, or other tweaks, install a set of Feedback Stabilizers. It's one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to enjoy better music and movie sound effects.
    DakiOm products and DakiOm DIY projects are the only ways to experience the superior sound quality of DVD-Audio/SACD. Once you hear the DakiOm sound on these formats, you won't want CDs anymore. Other High-End components cannot claim this revelation about the quality DVD-Audio/SACD versus CD.

    Order today for a home trial!
Our Definition of Truth and True Performance
We speak the cold truth and shatter many lies and myths in the audio world. Read this article to learn scientific methods that will help discern good and bad audio products. Understand the different types of people in the audio world:
Who is truly a music lover?
- A music lover listens to music, period. 
- A music lover compares music ONLY in terms of more/less listener's fatigue.
Who is an audiophile?
- An "audiophile" is just a term we use for a fake golden ear that hears things that aren’t there. And worse, an audiophile prefers garbage created by false marketing hype like spikes and stiff cables over true musicality.
- He/she doesn't think, but believes ONLY in flowering language, a delusional glossary of audio terms, techno-babbling, propaganda and marketing lies fed to them by "reviewers" with agendas (i.e. crooks).
-A stupid sounding snob bragging about megabuck garbage.
What is a real "golden ear"?
- A golden ear is certified by numerous “difficult” scientific certification tests.
- A difficult test can be the Dakiom musicality test or the CD versus CD up-sampled test.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Projects

At DakiOm, we are determined to help music lovers in getting "musicality". We now supplement our no non-sense products with our DIY Projects.
Comparative Test

We propose that the listener goes beyond specific aspects of the sound quality and explores deeper into the emotion of the music. Basically, try to merge with the musical flow instead.
Is Vibration Detrimental to the Performance of Audio Components?
After much testing, DakiOm concluded that audio components are to some degree susceptible to vibration transmitted from speakers, either through floor, walls, or air.


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Send email to web@dakiom.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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